Monday, May 18, 2009

Ardyss Panty Girdle...well.

Ardyss International, the company that is growing rapidly, has a large inventory of products. Mostly it has to do with woman who want to reshape their body. Hey after having a few kids can you blame them ! With busy schedules and the like exercise may just not be in the cards in the beginning.

Ardyss could be viewed as a God-send for them. One of those products that caught my eye is the Ardyss Panty Girdle. Truth be told did not know they existed.

Looks like it suppose to thin out the thighs and lift the buttocks. Like how they use that word, buttocks. Lets just keep it real and call it the booty ! It's meant to make a booty look better. Think apple bottoms.

When yours truly think of girdles thought of a women with her two friends squeezing her into it. Or worse yet some old clunky contraption from the victorian age. But one look on the site and you see something that looks good and functional. Ardyss did a good job in using materials that move with the contours of the body. In addition they give the choice of different colors.

I can tell you this men love seeing a slim body. And this girdle looks like it may do the trick.