Monday, May 18, 2009

Ardyss Panty Girdle...well.

Ardyss International, the company that is growing rapidly, has a large inventory of products. Mostly it has to do with woman who want to reshape their body. Hey after having a few kids can you blame them ! With busy schedules and the like exercise may just not be in the cards in the beginning.

Ardyss could be viewed as a God-send for them. One of those products that caught my eye is the Ardyss Panty Girdle. Truth be told did not know they existed.

Looks like it suppose to thin out the thighs and lift the buttocks. Like how they use that word, buttocks. Lets just keep it real and call it the booty ! It's meant to make a booty look better. Think apple bottoms.

When yours truly think of girdles thought of a women with her two friends squeezing her into it. Or worse yet some old clunky contraption from the victorian age. But one look on the site and you see something that looks good and functional. Ardyss did a good job in using materials that move with the contours of the body. In addition they give the choice of different colors.

I can tell you this men love seeing a slim body. And this girdle looks like it may do the trick.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ardyss Body Magic

Ardyss Body Magic is the flagship product of Ardyss International. The company has recently made it's move into the US market. Their focus is on body shaping garments. The industry itself is centuries old.

The Ardyss Body Magic is made to cover you from your legs to shoulders. Research and testing defintely had to go into making it. Do a search for body shaping garments and you'll see a huge list of others promoting similiar products. The body magic does not look bulky like others and the fabric still has a soft look to it.

Ardyss Body Magic was constructed to help support and enhance your posture. In doing so it'll lift and hold your stomach. All while supporting the abdomen. Body Magic's design was also meant to thin the hips and hold the buttocks in place.

So it would seem that the ardyss body magic can transform a persons body while giving on some new found confidence. No doubt Ardyss International is leading the charge with it's body shaping products. And it is likely they will continue updating the line.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just what is Ardyss International

Lets see. How should we start. Arydss International for starters is a company that has it's origins in Mexico. They came about in the early 90's. The focus for Arydss at that time was the reshaping of female figures. In other words the corset industry. Just think about Scarlett O'hara in Gone With the Wind trying to fit into a corset and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Now don't sneeze on corsets. It has been used for centuries. And the industry is still thriving. Only Arydyss decided to put a twist on it. They wanted to create a corset that actually ehanced or made even certain bodyparts. The owner started small with only his family as some of his first employees.

Those small beginnings has now turned Ardyss International into a force in the corset and bodyshaping industry. So far Ardyss has been featured on NBC and may be on pace to threaten spandex ! Now that brings back memories.

The most amazing fact is that Ardyss, while successful has just recently made it's move into the US. More precisely it's person to person marketing component. So rest assured. You will or already have seen a rep from Ardyss give you a full view of how the products has "shaped" their bodies !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to Ardyss Body Magic

Welcome to Arydss Body Magic. Hopefully you'll learn about Ardyss Internationals products. Although they have been around for sometime they are now making headway in the United States.